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About Sarah

My early career began as a nurse where I spent over 30 years working in a hospital environment; mostly in mental health. Having achieved the rank of Ward Sister, I was able to realise my dream of retiring at 50. I now spend around half of my time here at my delightful Corfu retreat! I am happily married to my husband Al, and have two children, now in their mid-thirties, who both live and work in the UK. Through my career and family I have experienced many of life's ups and downs!

I was always very interested in the psychic world, but working, bringing up a family and renovating houses (I'm a dab hand on the cement mixer!) never allowed me the time to fully explore and develop my psychic abilities. Now, in semi-retirement, I have been able to develop psychically (and continue to do so, as you never stop learning) and still in awe of how it all works.

Psychic Today

I have been working freelance for Psychic Today for the last seven and a half years so I can be seen regulary appearing on the TV programme or hosting a show.

Our Corfu retreat

Our Corfu retreat is an established venue that we hope will benefit lots of budding psychics to venture into this amazing area of work. For more information, and details of how to book a retreat, visit our Corfu psychic retreat page.

My husband and I love animals hence we have taken in many rescue dogs: Tilly and Tucker (so our dogs have gone from living rough on the street to all the home comforts; also being 'international' as they travel back and forth in the Campervan). We also like gardening and the properties over here in Corfu tend to have large gardens, so it's a great way to time spend outdoors in the lovely sunshine! We have also planted many fruit and nut trees and commenced a vegetable patch.

I hope this tells you a little about me and my life and hope you will come and join us on one of our retreats. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Destiny Dice

Destiny Dice

Instead of a tranditional reading, why not try Sarah's Destiny Dice. These are so full of energies and are totally unique as they were handmade by Sarah herself. Throw the dice to see what destiny is discovering for you!

Love Sarah X

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Sarah Raney

* Sarah Raney is a renowned international psychic who features on Psychic Today television, and is currently one of their regular resident at-homepsychics. Please note: all readings via Psychic Today are subject to their Terms & Conditions.